Questions we have been asked:

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1. Are the shuttle buses accessible?

Yes, they are as they will be city buses.

2. What is the purpose of the shuttle bus?

To allow people to park at the Orillia Rec centre and City Hall and bus down to Couchiching Park.

3. Why do we have shuttles?

Because the waterfront construction is not complete and there will only be a limited amount of parking for those with an accessibility pass/placard.

Even all of us volunteers will have to find parking or shuttle down to the park for our shifts.

4. Will there be a parade?

We are still working with the city and figuring out the logistics of whether a parade is feasible. I can tell you if we do have a parade the route will be very different then what we have been used to since the parade can’t end at the park like it used to.

5. Will there be fireworks?

Yes. They go off like usual at dusk.

6. Will there be a midway/ride?

Yes. It is the same company as last year.

7. Will there be live entertainment?

We are working on this and hope to have an answer for you soon. Stay tuned for more posts on this.

8. Will there be vendors?

Yes, we are working on getting a variety of food, commercial, not-for-profit organizations and hand craft vendors for you to be able to eat, buy and learn from on Canada Day.

Stay tuned for more post as I am given the information to share with you 🙂

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