Update #1

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Update on how Orillia Canada Day will be working with/around the construction on the waterfront.

We are still at the park.

There will be NO PARKING at the Park unless you have the Accessibility Pass aka Handicap pass. Unfortunately we only have a limited amount of those but we are hoping it will be enough to accomodate everyone who needs them.

How do you get to the park if you can’t park???

Shuttle buses!!!

There will be shuttle buses from two locations -City Hall and the Rec Centre

They will bring you to Jarvis street side of the Park.

For Walking and Biking you have two entrances to get to the park

Entrance park – #1 Mississauga Street

Entrance #2 is at Jarvis street (same location the Shuttle bus is landing)

We don’t have a time for when the shuttles start but the shuttles will run until the crowd has been dispersed after the fireworks.

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